Thursday, November 12, 2009

Paris, The 3*** Hotel Bristol Restaurant d' Ete.

Bresse farm hen, poached in a pig's bladder (poulet de bresse en vessie), presented with several pieces of whole crayfish tail meat, stewed fois gras in a sauce supreme, girolle mushrooms in "vin jaune" and green asparagus. What an extraordinary presentation!! The swollen balloon-like bladder containing the hen is paraded around the room on a silver salver and then brought to table, placed on a cutting board, the bladder pricked and cut open to reveal the body of the hen, legs and all.

The dish was presented in two parts, the breast, as described above and later, the leg meat is returned as chicken soup, perhaps the richest and most intense chicken broth that I have ever tasted, made with leaks, fois gras, potatoes and lots and lots of Perigourd black truffles. The heady aroma was detected at the next table, eliciting "ah's"!! In the later winter months, I have had this same dish prepared with lots and lots of perigourd black truffles stuffed under the skin and sliced scattered over the meat.

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