Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Josh's favourite Thai meal in Toronto

Posted by Josh

11 Karl Fraser Rd, Toronto

This meal was perhaps the most refined and flavourful Thai meal I have ever experienced in Toronto. A wonderful transparency of complementary flavours in each dish.

Pristine, fresh salmon tartar with olive oil, chili paste, lime juice, ginger and lime leaf in a rice paper noodle basket.
Chicken breast perfectly poached in chinese rice wine and fish saucea, paired with cucumber, on a skewer.
Seared Fois gras canape with a sauce of reduced lychee, saffron and white wine.
Pulled duck confit, sauteed with lemon grass served with a very complementary poached pickled bitter melon, and giving a very mild heat.
Steamed fish in an egg custard flavoured with coconut cream, finely chopped basil, lime leaf and red curry.
Thai pumpkin soup with a whole scallop. The soup was flavoured with lemon grass, galanga, coconut cream and with shrimp stock base and had a somewhat pronounced heat.

Pumpkin Soup

Stir fried pomfrit filet in black bean chili shallot, garlic sauce. We were instructed to eat the crisp fried bones and all. Crunchy and very flavourful.

The Pomfrit Filet

Beef panang - crispy and soft beef, sauce of roasted shallots, roasted garlic, ground peanuts, coconut milk and roasted chili in a base of thai curry and served with red rice.
Watermelon and apple marinated in mead wine made into a sorbet with an apple ring.


Honey dew panna cotta and ginger infused bread and butter pudding. This dessert was the only dish that disappointed. The bread pudding was very heavy and lacked the refined flavour found in all of the other dishes.