Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Posted by Josh

Every two years, there is a get together of serious steak tasters to see which of the better beef suppliers provides the best rib and sirloin steaks. This year, the group consisted of chef Mark Macewan, Josh Josephson, chef David Lee, Jimmy Molloy, chef Joe Bersani, Clayton Ruby, Todd Halpern and David Minucci, co-owner of L'Unita restaurant. All steaks were cooked rare by one chef (David Lee). Another individual cut the pieces and a third person plated the pieces in a certain order so that essentially, this tasting was done "blind". All steaks were referred to by number when scored. None knew the results, or which steak connected with what number, or score, except a fourth individual who was responsible for scoring after all steaks were scored.

These were the results for the best rib steaks: #1 Cumbraes, #2Healthy Butcher wagyu, #3 Macewan, #4 Top Meadow Farm, #5 The Butcher Shop, #6 Olliffe.

These were the results for the best sirloin steaks: #1 Cumbraes, #2 Macewan, #3 Olliffe and The Butcher Shop tied, #4 Whole Foods