Saturday, August 1, 2009

Josh banquets at Dhaba

Posted by Josh

309 King St. W., Toronto

Chef Pk's cuisine consists of layers of flavours in your mouth, the flavours transparent rather than overwhelmed with heat, sweetness or one particular strong taste. Toronto's most sophisticated Indian food experience, easily on par with some of the great Indian restaurant experiences that I have enjoyed in London, England, such as Benares. I will let the following mouth watering descriptions speak for themselves.

To begin:
Crunch wafers, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, avacados, topped with tamarind yogurt chutney dressing.

Rack of lamb marinated with fresh papaya, ginger, crushed garlic, and roasted herbs, dark rum and grilled over wood charcoal in the clay oven.

Jumbo prawns marinated with crushed garlic, olive oil, Indian thyme, spanish saffron and white pepper,then stuffed with grated coconut, fresh dill, roasted garlic, sun dried pomegranate and raw baby mangoes and cooked over wood charcoal.

Lobster Baigan
- Indian rock lobster marinated with ground turmeric and garlic, pan roasted Indian eggplants, tossed and finished in rich shallot, tomato, fenugreek sauce.

Braised venison in a sauce of ginger - garlic pesto, five spice mix and covered in a puréed baby bok choy, rapini, mustard green mix.

Boti - Chicken marinated in ginger garlic pesto, homemade pressed yogurt, paprika, ground cumin, salt & pepper then seared in the clay oven and then tossed in a pan with home style thick masala of shallots, roma tomato, turmeric, corriander, cumin, crushed garlic, chopped ginger and chicken broth, with market fresh vegetables. Topped with baby bocconcini.

Bombay Paneer Aloo-Homemade Paneer(hand crushed) and Yukon potatoes tossed in EVO with royal cumin, sun dried kashmere chillies, curry leaf, browned garlic and turmeric and cooked with Panch Poran (five spice mix) and finished with fresh cilantro.

Saffron basmati pilaff, studded with cashew nuts, cumin, cloves, cardamom and bay leaf.

Sesame garlic naan bread baked in the charcoal oven.

Chilli mint paratha- multi layered whole wheat bread rolled with crushed chillies and mint baked in wood charcoal oven.


Freshly made chaina raw paneer cheese medallions, pistachio, fresh mango splash with 100th anniversary Grand Marnier soaked mixed berries.