Saturday, August 8, 2009

To Market, to market

Posted by Jennifer

If this is Saturday morning it must be the Green Barn market. It is crowded but relaxed. Beans, potatoes, carrots, summer squash, mushrooms, and greens are in great supply. Strangely, I see no corn and few tomatoes. Also, unusual for this time of year, the Pine River booth, home of my perfect garlic, has mounds of asparagus.

There are peaches but the free sample I try is not ripe. Crunchy peaches? I don't think so. However, Bizjaks still have sweet cherries and apricots which I scoop up for yet another pie. I get my first apples of the season from them as well. Large, green and red, Bellevistas are tart and crisp.
A disappointment--the Stoddarts are AWOL. No duck eggs this week. Alas, I have already used up the last I had to make custard for gooseberry fool. So rich, so smooth, a lovely colour. I'll try again next week. In the meantime, It's Weber's chicken eggs for me.

The Moncktons, from Berkeley are at a number of markets including Liberty Village, Bloor/Borden, and East Lynn. They always have baked goods made from flour milled from their own wheat. Occasionally, they have flour for sale. I have rarely seen a bag of small-producer flour that I did not have to have, and this is no exception. A blend of red wheats--although not the icon Red Fife, it is a hard wheat flour that I will try in breadbaking.

There is now a vendor selling fresh Nova Scotia haddock and scallops. Since I am on my way to work I don't buy this time. They will be back and so will I.