Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Lunch: Eat-a-Pita

Posted by Jennifer

When the winds start to blow and the cold germs are running rampant one of our favourite antidotes is the lentil soup served up at Eat-a-Pita. Well, formerly served up at Eat-a-Pita. The same family has taken over the former Chinese restaurant next door so soups and salads have migrated while the falafel and shawarma have stayed in the regular location.

A large soup is enough for two. Lentils float in a clearish broth with bits of spinach, potato, and cloves of garlic which have been boiled to sweet submission. Lemon juice gives a tangy counterpoint to the saltiness of the broth. The point is, when you have consumed a bowl of this soup you feel a whole lot better, even when, as it is this time, not quite hot enough.

We also order fattoush. Though the greens are a little wilted ,the cucumbers have retained their crunch in the peppery dressing. What is strange is that the ingredient which gives the salad it name -- strips of pita, usually toasted or fried--is totally absent!

For dessert, we have sesame cookies, a pistachio baklava, and some plastic-wrapped Turkish delight. The cookies are good, perhaps a little salty. Though usually excellent, baklava is soggy on this day. Light on rosewater, heavy on pistachios, the Turkish Delight is a deliciously chewy treat.

With all this for only $10.00, it is another great spot for starving students.

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