Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Lunch: Caplansky's Delicatessen

Posted by Jennifer

All saturated fat all the time for this Friday Lunch. Celts and Anglos though we are, we go for the true Eastern European experience by ordering up a smoked meat on rye and a smoked meat knish We made one mistake in ordering, asking for medium thick slices which are a little on the chewy side.  Next time we will get thinly sliced meat. Nonetheless with its spear of pickle on the side, this is a satisfying sandwich.

Much of the meat has oozed from the knish. Its pastry is tasty but the potatoes totally innocuous. For an added dollop of starch, we also have a Gryfes toasted bagel with butter.  Too doughy in comparison to the  Montreal- style bagel that we love.
 There is differing opinion on the apple cake. Two really like it, the third thinks it is too dry.  Those in favour consumed it with tea or coffee.

Our verdict:  stick to the smoked meat sandwich--thinly sliced.
A bagel, sandwich , knish, and cake cost $21.47.

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