Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Lunch: Esther's Soup Kitchen

Posted by Jennifer

Needing some spice in our life, we try lunch from Esther’s Soup Kitchen on the street level of Cumberland Terrace.

Mulligatawny soup warms up a chilly day. There are a few shreds of the customary chicken with lots of carrots, and rice floating in a tasty curry-laced chicken stock. Certainly filling, and passably tasty, it would have been even better with more chicken, a handful or coriander and a splat of coconut milk or cream.

Though known for soups, we think the star of Esther’s is the samosas. Vegetarian friendly, the deliciously flaky wrappers are stuffed with a spicy potato/pea filling. It is hard to stop at just one, and at only $1.25 each, there is really no reason to have only one. Errr, except for the calories.

Though always loathe to waste food, we do not finish the chicken sandwich. Hoping for slices of roasted chicken, we are sadly disappointed with the deli-style chicken food product we actually find. Each half of the sandwich has a quarter of a slice of anaemic tomato. The generous mound of lettuce is, alas, turning black at the edges.

The lesson: stick to soup and samosas.

Soup, sandwich, and two samosas cost $14.35.

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