Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Lunch: Falafel House

Posted by Jennifer and Gina

Christmas is the time of year when we are so busy that it is a shock to remember at 4:00 pm that we have not yet had lunch. By then, what you actually eat is less important than just feeling full.

When full is what you are looking for, any one of the holes-in-the-wall selling falafel along Yonge Street, south of Bloor, has the solution. This time we choose Falafel House. We take the edge off our hunger with Bourekas. These avoid the usual problem of bitterness that the spinach/cheese filled triangular pastries frequently have. Instead the peppery stuffing is undermined by soggy pastry, somewhat redeemed by a crunchy sprinkle of sesame seeds. Though fairly standard, the falafel is less greasy than usual. The hot sauce on this is piquant rather than taste-bud numbing.

The moussaka daily special is a carb-lover’s heaven. Not only is there a generous side of saffron rice, there is potato, too, albeit rather dried out. From a choice of three salads, we choose a fresher than expected lemony chickpea salad. On the other hand, the cylindrical and surprisingly hollow baklava is stale.

Though perhaps a little fresher and less greasy, it is not the food that separates Falafel House from its neighbours. Instead, it is the warm service and a genuine effort to explain different dishes to new customers which makes it stand out from the dozens of similar establishments.

The total cost for food and tax: $15.63.

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