Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Market, To Market--Green Barn, on August 14

There is one word for Saturday's  Green Barn market:  lush.  Not only were the stalls piled high with fruits and vegetables at their best, the gardens planted around the barn were looking perfect. It seemed that shoppers were taking time to enjoy it all by sitting down to enjoy a snack, conversation, or just to take in everything around them.

To my great pleasure, Marvellous Edibles found that they still had some bacon left after all.  Further along, I spotted the sort of corn I like--small cobs.  I do not know what variety Sosnicki Organics was selling but it was tender but  not too sweet.  It was delicious on its own and in corn chowder with the first German butterball potatoes of the season--and the bacon.

There were still loads of peaches.  Alas, the Red Havens that were so perfect in the morning were already going soft by evening.  We had to eat fast.

But even as we enjoy corn, peaches, and tomatoes, the most summery of crops, the growing displays of hard squashes, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli remind us that autumn is on its way.  To help stave off thoughts of colder weather, there is still time to add a few plants to your garden.  Urban Harvest still has healthy herbs and flowers such as buddleia which attracts butterflies.

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