Sunday, January 2, 2011

Centro's Restaurant: Inspired Chef's Creations

Chef Jason Carter loves to be challenged and inspired. In preparation for a special event for the Chevaliers du Tastevin (the dinner of the Burgundy wine society) he created a most inspired truffle based menu.

We began with 3 hors d'oevres, first, pork belly with curly endive and black truffle. The sweet unctuous pork belly was well contrasted with the slightly bitter endive and the mouthful just came alive with the pervasive aroma and taste of the black truffle.

Next, we enjoyed very tender sliced rare duck breast, cooked sous vide, with shaved black truffles, another heavenly marriage of flavours.

The 3rd app was a savoury venison tartar topped with a chiffonade of horseradish, poached garlic and chervil leaf.

Our first course, a richly flavoured butter poached lobster and a pureed chervil sauce was mounted on a puree of salt baked jerusalem artichoke, then all covered with shaved white truffles, a dish with layers of flavour.

Our next course was roasted guinea fowl accompanied by an apple onion tart, cider truffle stuffing and topped with shaved white truffle, was sided with an intense guinea fowl truffled jus. The fowl arrived wonderfully crispy on the outside and the meat was perfectly juicy and tender. The very light and flakey crust of the tart and the intense apple flavour went so well with the truffle and gamey fowl.

A course of roasted rib eye arrived very tender and rare and was paired with an incredibly tender and juicy, slow braised 18 hour rib. This dish was accompanied by black trumpet mushrooms, shaved black truffle and crisp rosti potatoes.

The final course was the chef's version of a classic lemon tart accompanied by shaved fig, strawberry and green apple, camomile honey and yogurt. A satisfying end to a wonderful meal.

2472 Yonge St (at Castlefield)

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