Thursday, February 3, 2011

FRIDAY LUNCH from Banh Mi Bale, January 28, 2011

Sometimes you really should listen to other people. Specifically, I should listen to other people--such as the person who said to stick to sandwiches at Banh Mi Bale. But no, I insisted that we also try the fresh rolls despite the fact we already like the ones at Ginger. Well, we tried the rolls anyway and still prefer Ginger's in which both the noodles and pickled vegetables are way more flavorful. These people need a heavier hand with coriander.
We also tried a glutinous rice bun with an almost-smooth pork filling and a light chili-flecked rice vinegar dipping sauce which was definitely needed to tweak the mildness. Although the texture makes it an acquired taste, it was good, especially with the green onion-garlic chip topping.

The Designated Courier picked up four subs: head cheese which is only on the Asian menu; cold cuts, the most popular sandwich amongst Asians;pate; barbecued pork, the most popular sandwich for Westerners. Except for the main ingredient, all are the same. The rolls have a crunchy crust and substantial crumb while the pickled vegetable garnish is quite bland. The DC made up for the blandness by requesting hot sauce for all the subs. The Asian versions of head cheese, cold cuts, and pate are all more processed than their Western counterparts, or at least quality Western products. so that they are sadly lacking texture. Although not necessarily a bad thing, they also have different flavors, too. The head cheese tastes of five spice powder On the other hand, the cold cuts have an almost rancid fat taste while the pate is totally innocuous. Although almost overwhelmed by the hot sauce, the pork is excellent, and as predicted by the server, our favorite,

The standout feature, really, is the price. For more food that three of us could consume, we paid under $20.00!

538 Dundas Street West (west of Spadina)
Toronto   416.977.2168

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