Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hadley's, Toronto

Hadley's is a restaurant that has a limited menu of BBQ'd and other non-bbq items. I was there to try the BBQ foods.

My first test was the BBQ'd ribs and the sauce. The ribs are quite tasty with a good smokey flavour and what I consider a lip smacking flavourful goodness to the lacquered reduced sauce on the meat. The ribs were not really meaty enough for my preference and were a touch on the dry side, but quite good overall. The sauce, tasted on it's own was pleasant enough, without too much heat but the flavour lacked complexity. The ribs were presented with the restaurants's own version of baked rather than BBQ'd beans and a pleasant potato salad. The were very good, good texture and flavour and quite complemented the BBQ flavour of the ribs. 

I also tried the pulled pork sandwich which came with a very well textured bun, some potato salad and a very good cole slaw. The pork had a pleasant but rather underwhelming smoke aspect. I found the sauce a bit overpowering for the pork, a bit too piquant. The slaw was interesting for me. I was advised it had both a creamy and vinegar aspect (I don't like creamy cole slaws, preferring vinegary ones, but this slaw showed none of the obvious aspects to either and I liked it, especially because of the texture which rather than fine julienne cuts, was finely chopped. I liked it a lot, although that feeling was not universal among my lunch guests.

We also tried the BBQ'd chicken. The chicken had a very good smokey flavour a beautiful dark bronzed colour. The thigh was juicy enough but the breast rather dry. They need to work on that aspect to get the chicken just right like Stockyard's.

Hadley's Restaurant
940 College Street at Dovercourt
Toronto, ON
(416) 588-3113

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