Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday Lunch at Khao San Road

We really looked forward to trying Khao San Road since all the reviews were so enthusiastic. Our initial lunch from Khao San Road was so disappointing that we felt we had to go back.  Second time around lunch lived up to expectations.

Garlic tofu was a terrific starter. Cubes of  tofu were deep fried in a garlic and kaffir lime accented crumbs to greaseless perfection. They would be a delightful alternative to shrimp or chicken balls as a cocktail party snack. Alas, the promised tangy garlic dipping sauce was missing in action.
Garlic Tofu, Dipping Sauce MIA...

Tom Yum Kung, the famed Thai lemongrass soup, had an outstanding full-bodied chili-zinged broth, in which mushrooms, coriander,shrimp, and tomatoes were suspended.
Tom Yum

We chose two popular mains:  Sam ros--pad Thai, and pad gra prao chicken.  The hallmark of great pad Thai is a balance amongst hot, sour, salty, and sweet elements. In Toronto, we are used to sweet overkill.  Although perhaps a little short in the sour department, the cooks at Khao San Road achieve a much better balance.  Some of us love this dish for the play between the slithery noodles and the crunch of bean sprouts and peanuts.  For those people, these noodles were a bit lacking since sprouts were kept to a minimum and the peanuts were finely minced.
Pad Thai Sam Ros

The minced chicken of the pad gra prao was bathed in holy basil but we think it would have been even better with pork. (Ed. Note: We later were informed that though they don't advertise pork, it is available upon request.)

Chicken Pad Gra Prao
When it comes to tapioca, people either love it or hate it.  The tapioca lover here was impressed with the good clean flavor of tapioca gently cooked in coconut milk.  In fact, she has been thinking of it ever since finishing the last spoonful.
Young Coconut and Tapioca Dessert

This is definitely a higher level of Thai cooking than usual but a price that means we will not be dashing down to Adelaide Street very often. Expect a wait of at least half an hour and well meaning but not very polished service.

Price:  $39.55 for five dishes which was more than enough for two.
Location: 325 Adelaide Street West
Phone: 416)738-3874

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