Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday Lunch at Burger Bar

Sometimes it seems that we just alternate between Thai food and burgers week after week. This time it is burgers.

The good news is that our trip to Kensington Market was rewarded with the most flavorful hamburger patty we have had in some time. The meat was lean but not so lean that it was dry.  Probably the decisive factor was that the meat was cooked only to medium rare.  Unlike many burger places, Burger Bar grinds its own meat and is therefore, under health department regulations, not compelled to cook its patties to  well done. Alas, the interior of the bun was so slick that the delectable meat kept squirting out. When you are eager to consume, who wants to waste precious time reconstructing the meal? The ambitious kitchen staff makes the ketchup.  This plus is not so positive as the product seems overcooked, concentrating the spices and creating an acrid rather than fresh tomato taste.

Organic Beef Burger with Onion Rings and Chipotle Mayo
Our second "burger"  is wild salmon with tomatillo salsa. We might have wished for a large portion of salmon but it was a piece rather than salmon chopped, mixed with filler and shaped into a patty.Although slightly overdone, it was still tasty. The tomatillo salsa was just spicy enough to add interest without obliterating the delicate flavor of the fish. This sandwich made a great feast for the senses with the play between the bright green salsa and the pink salmon.  Like the hamburger, it fell apart although not so often or as badly.

Wild Atlantic Salmon Burger, French Fries, Homemade Ketchup
Burger Bar has a great selection of artisanal beers. However, this being Ontario with all its antiquated liquor laws, we were not able to bring back a beverage to accompany our lunch.

For beer and burger lovers who are also environmentalists, Burger Bar should be your go-to takeout joint.   All packaging and cutlery is biodegradable!

Location: 319 Augusta Avenue, TorontoPhone: 416-922-7423

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