Monday, June 13, 2011

Barque, Take 2, Lunch at the Source

After reading about takeout Barque, I decided to go to the source. I was hoping for more than sandwiches, but that's it, that's lunch. For those of you hoping for bbq'd sliced brisket or bbq'd chicken or ribs or pulled lamb, those are dinner items only.

First I must declare that the Barque sandwiches are worth going out of their way for and it is quite a bit off the beaten path.

The brisket sandwich was very good and very enjoyable. Mildly smoky and slightly dry beef was well lubricated with fried onions and a tangy red cabbage slaw, all in a very good bun, delightfully crispy on the top. If I was served sliced brisket that had just been smoked like that, I may not have rated it well as an item to be eaten on it's own, as I prefer more smoke in a slightly fattier cut. But, I will hold judgement until I return for dinner. 

The bbq'd chicken sandwich was equally very good. Mildly smoky pulled chicken topped with candied smoked bacon, romaine lettuce and aoli with a bit of a bite, all on a very good crispy topped bun. The overall effect of the smoked bacon and smoky chicken satisfied my appetite for smoky flavours. The aioli provided a very flavourful bight and just the right counterpoint for this delicious sandwich.

In addition to the very enjoyable fillings for these sandwiches I must congratulate the chef on choosing such a highly satisfying bun, they hold up well and have a very pleasant crunchy skin on their tops.

I did not order the french fries!

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