Thursday, July 7, 2011

London Restaurants (4): St John

We were inspired to enjoy a meal at St. John by co-owners Trevor Gulliver and chef Fergus Henderson, when they were our guests in Toronto. Unfortunately, the day we chose to dine was the opening of their new hotel and they were unable to join us. But, we were well cared for by this restaurant's highly professional staff. This was my second visit to this restaurant pioneer of "nose to tail" eating. It never fails to satisfy my cravings.

Our first dish was crispy pig's cheek and dandelion salad enhanced by capers. This was one of our 2 faves of the night.

Pot roasted, smoked, Gloucester Old Spot pork, using only the loin and belly cuts, sliced thick. This was such a great experience of perfect, full flavoured tenderness. An outstanding dish and perhaps my fave of the night.

Venison livers with lentils and kale. The gamey rich liver was perfectly matched with the flavours of the kale and the texture of the lentils.

Pigeon with braised turnips.

My Favourite dessert, eccles cake served with Lancaster cheese, a very light and flakey crust enclosed a lovely minced meat filling.

Buttermilk Pudding and short bread.

Chocolate cake with creme fraiche. This was seriously good cake for any chocolate lover.

Stewed rhubarb with vanilla ice cream.

Bread pudding with butterscotch sauce and spiced ice cream was a perfect finale.

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