Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Late Dinner at Pangaea Restaurant, Toronto

Pangaea is conveniently located at Bay and Bloor and I was able to dash in and be served a terrific late (for me) meal and then I was quickly on my way home. I regret that my battery was too low to allow a flash so the photos are not up to their usual quality and I do not have photos for 2 of the dishes.

Cookstown Greens heirloom tomatoes, and fresh basil, accompanied by manzanilla and black olives, mixed micro greens and dressed with balsamic vinegar and Mandranova olive oil.

Fried breaded oysters with a grainy mustard sauce. Very lightly cornmeal/tarragon dusted, crispy skinned, perfectly cooked oysters….. "a point"...a rarity!

Pan seared morcilla with mashed potatoes (I would have preferred the dish as featured on the menu with apple/celeriac puree but they ran out of celeriac), very nicely flavoured, mildly spicy, with a bit of bight and a pleasing coarse texture.

Ivory, BC salmon with steamed beluga lentils, chanterelles, shallots, spinach and smoked salmon caviar. A terrific dish, the slightly salty, gently smoked, rich tasting caviar was a pleasing match for the salmon and the flavour of the chanterelles and lentils. The spinach brought out the subtle fish flavours of the perfectly cooked, medium rare salmon. These accompaniments are all flavours and textures that work so well with salmon.   

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