Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Market, To Market at Sick Kids, September 6

The temperature shouts,"Thanksgiving weekend" but everything else still says late summer.  There are still baskets of peaches--ripe peaches--blue plums and damsons at Loffredo Farms. At the Andrews' Scenic Acres stall, there are raspberries and strawberries so late spring and early summer seem to linger. Gladioli, sunflowers, and dahlias provide a gaudy backdrop.

Caroll Collins still has baby artichokes and Parisienne carrots.  Along with his field tomatoes, Jim Hayward at Haystrom Farm has Brandywine and Green Zebra heirlooms.  Hail damage has made them appear less than perfect, but they taste just fine.  For nut connoisseurs, Jim also has baskets of black walnuts.  If you hope to savor the meat within make sure to have  a hammer on hand. These are the proverbial tough nuts to crack.

Bosco Farms also still has many varieties of tomatoes along with shallots, onions, cabbage, and purple kohl rabi among the vegetables.  As usual, they have a buy- three- for- $10.00 offer.

There is bad news.  Since their salesperson/daughter is now teaching school, O.K. Farms has no one to man their stall so it is gone for the season at the weekday markets--Sick Kids, Borden Street, and East Lynn.  Fans of O.K.'s apples, pears.plums and berries will still be able to find them on Sunday at Liberty Village.

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