Monday, October 31, 2011

To Market, To Market

How time flies when you are enjoying fresh food! The final Borden Street market for 2011 ended in a deluge on October 27. In fact, it was the third rainy market day in a row.

Several vendors were already gone--VanHarts, Bosco, Collins, and O.K. Farms. The remaining vendors had plenty to offer.  Despite the fact that it was the last week of October there were still raspberries and tomatoes, fragile crops for immediate pleasure.  For the long hiatus ahead, there were root crops , hard winter squash, and apples. Monforte also had their well-worth -the-expense butter again.

The good news is that there need not be much of a hiatus.  From the first Saturday in November until the spring Marvellous Edibles will be at both Brickworks and Wychwood Barns. Other farmers are planning to sell at a twice monthly market in the atrium at the Hospital for Sick Children.  Stay tuned for dates and hours. Of course, Dufferin Grove is also open year round on Thursdays and Sorauren is open on some Mondays.

If you cannot bear to slog through inclement weather consider joining a CSA (community-supported agriculture)scheme which will bring fresh produce(some also offer meats),if not to your door, at least close to it.
So really, you have no reason not to support your local farmers at any time of the year.

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