Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vancouver Street Food: La Brasserie, Japadog, Dougie Dog, Mangal Kiss BBQ, Re-Up BBQ, Bella Gelateria, Cafe Artigiano

Vancouver has good street food, especially the carts.

La Brasserie
La brasserie food cart, on Georgia, offers the Brass chicken sandwich, beer brined rotisserie chicken in gravy, topped with crispy fried onions, on a buttermilk bun. This is a tasty very juicy sandwich, but the chicken, although good, the sandwich is not exceptional. But, it is good for at least 1 lunch if you are there for a few days.

Japadog is a very talked about venue and has had loads of press in food mags and travel publications. The hot dogs themselves are good but not great, but the toppings, some of which are not bad, to me, are merely a novelty. 

Some of the Varieties of dogs.

I ordered an okonomi dog made from kurobota pork and topped with spicy mayo and bonito flakes and served on a slightly grilled bun. The flavours worked and were ok.

I then ordered an iroshi sausage, bratwurst pork with grated daikon radish and topped with chopped scallions. I liked this combination better, but still, this combination was ok but not a hit.

Dougie dog

Dougie Dog has many varieties available. It had better crunch and tasted better than the Japadog.

The varieties:

But, I chose a standard dog with mustard and chopped onion to get a sense of how good this dog was.

Re-Up BBQ made a very good pulled pork sandwich and an exceptional chopped brisket sandwich, both topped with cole slaw. The pork and beef are cooked and smoked over an apple wood fire. This was one of my 2 favourite street food locations, worth a repeat for the brisket. This truck is located on the block where the Vancouver art gallery is located.

The pulled pork topped with slaw.

The terrific chopped brisket topped with slaw.

Mangal Kiss BBQ
My very favourite street food location, located on the back side of the Vancouver art gallery, on Georgia, is Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ. The food is Iranian inspired. Fraser Valley beef rib-eye shish kabob pieces are served medium rare to medium (but very tender) on taftoon, a traditional Iranian flat bread, mounted on hummus, tahini, finely sliced purple cabbage, purple pickled beets, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sliced, spiced Morrocan carrots, sliced radish and tabbouleh. everything is thinly sliced to fit in this wrap. Two sauces were offered, a spicy and savory mango sauce or a mild, savoury Turkish spiced BBQ sauce. The ingredients were so good, they made you feel healthy. The colours of the ingredients were both beautiful and enticing. The textures and flavours just blew me way with their goodness!

Wrapped up and ready to eat! Fabulous!

Finest At Sea
I should mention finest at sea. It looked good but i did not have further capacity to eat there the day i saw this wagon.

Bella Gelateria
This place has the best gelato I have tasted anywhere in the world with the exception of one place in Milan......and, it may even be a touch better. The flavours of each variety are intense and made from the real food flavours, no substitutes, fillers, or shortcuts in making this gelato! Green tea gelato has a great texture and tastes like real green tea, a sencha of ceremonial 
quality. Salted caramel has a great caramel taste nicely balanced with the salt. Chocolate andmaldon sea salt has a perfect dark chocolate flavour and a nice salt balance. Chocolate and organic banana has real nice banana flavour but the chocolate aspect 
was not dark enough and intense enough to balance the banana flavour. 

Cafe Artigiano
Cafe Artigiano may make perhaps the best cappuccino in Canada, great taste and great presentation.

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