Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gold Medal Plates 2011

Gold medal plates is the big fundraiser held across Canada to raise funds for the olympic athletes. This year, Langdon Hall chef Jonathan Gushue was the winner.

Jason Bangerter, Luma

Confit of chicken liver terrine with liver parfait, shallots and port wine.

 Rob Gentile, Buca

Tortelli d'oca: goose offal and delicate porcini filled pasta with cured goose breast, hazelnut, crisp rosemary leaves and 13th Street merlot vincotto. A liquid butter/egg yolk and merlot reduction surrounded the pasta on which were scattered chopped nuts.

Jonathan Gushue, Langdon Hall (Winner)

Garden brussel sprouts, white salsify, black salsify chips, preserved oysters, duck's egg and smoked trout caviar. This was a remarkably satisfying dish: the brussel sprout leaves still had texture and a slight firmness to the bight; the salsify added and earthy taste; the oyster had a soft texture that matched the firmer texture of the other elements and the briny flavour enhanced the flavours of the sprouts and salsify.

Tom Brodi, Toca

Palacsinta wrapped veal cheek, braised cabbage and pickled Cinnamon Cape mushrooms.

Tony De Luca, De Luca's Wine Country Restaurant

Ice wine roasted Ontario venison tenderloin with chestnut tuile, blue cheese mousseline and celery root puree with vanilla.

 Ted Corrado, C5 Restaurant

Beef short rib, parsley root puree, toasted barley and roasted grape jus. This was a hearty satisfying dish.

Lorenzo Losetto, George

Veal blade, harvest vegetables, chestnut potato.

David Lee, Nota Bene

Roasted squab, David's tortiere ( pastry was filled with a mixture of ground moose, duck and black pig), black pudding sauce. The squab was perfectly cooked and the tortiere gamey and delicious.

Patrick McMurray, Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill and Ceili Cottage Restaurants

Organic chicken liver pate served with a fabulous organic cherry compote that had a bright tangy taste that went so well with the rich tasting chicken liver.

Weathervane scallops which had a wonderful sweetness which combined well with the rich taste of the roe.

Patrick McMurray presents his wonderfully fresh tasting sea urchins.

Peet smoked steel head trout and peet smoked salmon.

Cured steel head trout.

Jason Carter, Centro 

Bison cooked sous vide with fried moss and salsify. The cooking rendered this bison incredibly tender and juicy.

Michael Steh, Red's Bistro and Wine Bar

A play on "bacon and eggs"...... there was no bacon: scallop mousse in a piece of brioche topped with a duck's egg yolk and coffee cured, smoked (with Henry of Pellham oak), chewy duck breast; sided with sweet onion and cheddar soup topped with a thin slice of smoked crispy apple; accompanied by an egg shell filled with lavender and soy custard, diced northern kiwi, crunchy coconut "bacon" and riesling gelee. This was a complex and interesting dish, but the standout was the fabulous brioche "sandwich".

The brigade of the chefs enters the main hall, holding the bottle of wine that was served to match their dish.

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