Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lunch at Didier Restaurant

Every Christmas I get together with some friends to drink fine wine and enjoy the good food of Didier Leroy. Didier's and fine wine, are a match!

My favourite starter, Didier's renown beef tartar......couldn't wait....so, there is a chunk missing from this photo.

My big surprise, Didier's own cassoulet, my first experience at Didier's, one of my favourite dishes to enjoy in France. A surprise, because I have never enjoyed a credible version in Toronto, let alone rarely in North America......but, this dish was wonderful with great flavour, perfectly cooked beans that well absorbed the flavours of the garlic sausage, duck leg and Toulouse sausage. What a great dish and such a perfect match for a 1990 Cotes Rotie La Moulin by Marcel Guigal. 

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