Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Lunch from Queen Margherita Pizza and Bobbette & Belle

 It seems like it has been sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches lately.  Thus, Girl Courier is sent off to the far shores of the Don River in search of pizza.  Of course, we are not looking for just any old pizza.  It is a Queen Margherita pizza we want.

The Queen of all Margheritas

The bad news is that by the time said pizza travels from Queen Street East to Yonge and Yorkville via TTC in February, it is pretty much stone cold.  The good news is that this pizza is so good it doesn't really matter whether it is hot or cold.  Ours is one of the simplest of pizzas:  the margherita, topped with fior di latte, tomato sauce, and fresh basil leaves.  What is so remarkable here is that even in the dead of winter, the basil leaves and tomato sauce combine to give the sweet taste of summer.  While some people would complain that the crust is not thin enough or charred enough, we say phooey to you.The rim is wonderfully chewy with just a hint of crackly ash.  It serves up four generous slices.

Pistachio dreams and Salted Caramel Macarons
The best buttercream you will ever taste: Apple Walnut Cupcake

 With Valentine's Day very much on the mind, we also are thinking sweet thoughts.  It is the perfect excuse to make a pit stop at Bobbette & Belle.  GC returns with two macarons, a cupcake, and bread pudding.  Though attractively presented in a pretty paper wrapper, the muffin-sized portion of apple caramel croissant pudding is a disappointment except for the nicely cooked apple.  The body of the pudding is leaden where we want some custard.  On top, the caramel is slightly bitter, as though overcooked, rather than sweet. Despite a heavy hand with the cloves, the cupcake is much better.  Its major flavour is also apple, assisted by walnuts.  The cake itself is light but it really could be anything because the main attraction is the perfectly rich butter cream.  Whatever bowl this was mixed in, we want to lick  it.  Of the macarons, the salted caramel version is neither very salty or caramelly but we could certainly go for another two or three of the lovely green pistachio variation.

Bobbette and Belle desserts

Despite a slight dessert misstep, it was well worth a trip to Leslieville.

Price:  Margherita pizza  was $15.77 with tax
           Four desserts were $12.10 with tax

Location:  Queen Margherita Pizza  1402 Queen Street East
                   Bobbette & Belle             1121 Queen Street East

Phone:       Queen Margherita Pizza  (416)466-6555
                    Bobbette & Belle            (416)466-8800

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