Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stock Restaurant at The Trump International Hotel, Toronto

Stock is a very open restaurant, decorated in a very clean lined, contemporary theme. The staff are very accommodating and attentive. The extremely simple menu is very straight forward. Wines are offered by the glass, but, the per glass price is quite expensive as all of the available wines were $20.00 per glass! Nice breads were presented to begin, a sliced red fife baguette and sliced sourdough baguette. I preferred the red fife. The accompanying butter was nothing special.

Steak tartar was hand chopped "prime" beef (although the steaks offered, as advised by my waiter were only "USDA choice" (and there would be no real taste difference anyhow, between the 2 grades of beef, when chopped raw). The tartar, with accompanying toasts, was assembled with capers, finely diced shallots, chopped chives and mustard. A raw quail egg was mounted on the top. The beef had a very pleasant texture, very good flavour, with just a bit of a bight. This is good beef tartar.

Grilled NY style sirloin (I have mentioned that the menu was quite simple and straight forward) was "hand selected" USDA choice accompanied by a mild chimichurri sauce. I had requested my steak rare. It arrived medium rare. My rating for this steak, using my much referred to "beef boys" ranking was 7/5/7 (all out of 10: taste/texture/juiciness). Not a great steak experience.

I ordered a side of brussel sprouts. The veg was accompanied by chopped pork belly which lent a hint of smokiness to the flavours and roasted cippolini onions. I enjoyed the texture of the firm, properly cooked brussel sprouts and the sweet caramelized flavour of the onions with the pork belly.

Kitchen service was inconsistent. My first course arrived in a reasonable period of time; my second course took about half an hour (with the waiter intermittently promising that the course would arrive shortly, but, did not).

There is a very good cheese menu with a wide selection of choices. There is also an enticing dessert selection, with an emphasis on dark chocolate (my way to end a meal!!). But, I had allotted a limited time for dinner as I had an evening meeting, so I skipped dessert. 

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