Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revisiting Nota Bene, Toronto

I go to Nota Bene fairly regularly. It is not only very conveniently located to attend the ballet and opera at the Four Seasons Centre, but  also, the food and service are reliably very good. But, occasionaly, like this one, the food was just so-o-o-o satisfying!

I began with roasted marrow bone...I know I shouldn't, but sometimes, one is just in the mood to taste something well made that makes one feel so good and is so completely satisfying. I know, it is not for everyone. It came dressed with a parsley salad, radish peel, candied lemon peel and toasts made of the great house made bread (that I could just make a meal of, simply dipping it into the lovely, fragrant house olive oil).

My main was the hanger steak cooked rare, which I also adore, both for the taste and texture. I had to cut back somewhere, so this time, I did not indulge in one of my favourite sides here, the fried onions. The steak came with breaded and fried gerkins (the gerkins were tasty but the fried breading a bit too doughy and thick). It also came with baked beans. I preferred the version that they formerly served with chimichurri sauce, although the beans were good. NO dessert today!

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