Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swish by Han Restaurant, Toronto

Creative interpretations of Korean cuisine, all thankfully lacking the more intense heat found in conventional Korean cuisine. I can taste all of the flavours now.

Spicy pork buns. This was my favourite dish of the night, sliced, slow roasted pork with a sweet and 
sour sauce, roasted red peppers and mozzarella 

"Jap chae": mung bean noodles with stir fried 
vegetables in a sesame oil/soy dressing.

Wild mushroom salad, a wonderful combination of 
flavours and textures.

"Bi bim bap" rolls. The taste was good but the 
texture wanting. I would have preferred the soft 
shells to be crispy.

Spicy pork neck tacos another terrific combination 
of flavours and textures with a nip.

Tempura prawns with tobiko, chives kelps salad. 
The coating was mushy and not crispy.
Sweet chili and garlic prawns. Good flavour but a 
tad overcooked.

Soo yook 48 hour braised beef shank. Another 
favourite dish.
Tempura onion rings. Good but not quite crispy 
All the dishes below are accompanied by a  "saam set", rice, lettuce leaves and house made  fermented kimchi for the wraps .

Grilled pork belly saam set. The pork was a bit too dry, only enlivened by the fat.
Bulgogi (rib eye) saam set, my favourite of the 3 
saam sets.
Galbi saam set (short rib), frankly the beef was 
over cooked and rather uninteresting. I would skip 
this dish.

"Milk+cake", carrot cake, graham cracker frosting, 
milk crumbs, liquid cheesecake. A very novel 
approach to a very interesting, good dessert.

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