Monday, April 30, 2012

Gusto 101 Restaurant, Toronto

One of the kitchen elements that make the food at this resto potentially more interesting, is their Tuscan wood fired grill.

Fried calamari, somewhat crispy (could have been crispier) but a bit oily, were served with cucumber giardineria (pickled cucumber), jalapenos and roasted garlic aioli.

Bruschetta of Pingue prociutto on smoked eggplant (alla romana) all on grilled Tuscan bread. This was a very good starter, perhaps the best.

I only take photos of french fries I like and these were crispy and tasty.

Octopus cooked over the wood fired grill. Tender, with a nice mild smokey flavour, accompanied by an olive tapenade, orange and green beans.

Braised pork belly on oven roasted tomato, on toast, with shaved parsnip chips.

"Da Dee" pizza topped with sweet potatoes, black kale (cavallo nero), fior di latte cheese, caramelized Spanish onions, pecorino and rosemary. A thin, crispy crusted pizza with delicious toppings and flavours that complemented each other.

Spaghetto chitarra alla vongole, manilla clams, white wine, roasted tomatoes and toasted bread crumbs made for a very good pasta dish.

Bronzino, grilled over the Tuscan wood fired grill, and perfectly cooked, with white and green marinated and grilled asparagus, faro, eggplant, olives and feta cheese.

Desserts were not that interesting, a mundane tiramisu on the right and a pleasant lemon air on the left, made with limoncello, lemon juice and candied celery.

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