Monday, June 4, 2012

Europe Restaurant and Bar, Toronto

Here is a resto, never reviewed in the traditional food review media, that I came upon by accident, a fortuitous discovery.

A very tasty goulash soup with thick chopped vegetables and tender, long cooked beef.

Very good cabbage rolls. I really enjoyed this dish done in a very traditional Hungarian manner, filled with ground beef and rice and lots of cabbage for the roll as well as sliced cabbage for the plate that had been cooked in the tasty sauce. I would definitely return for this dish. Served with a dollop of very good house made sour cream on the side.

Debreczeni style, house made pork sausages served with delicious house made sauerkraut but very ordinary fried potatoes. The sausages had a nice mildly course texture with a bit of a bight and a hint of smoke. Very good sausages.

Sliced cooked beets and vinegar based cole slaw, both very good accompaniments for the hearty dishes of this meal.

A very good, tender veal schnitzel with a crispy coating. I would return for the schnitzel as well.

Szekely goulash made with lots of paprika, sour cream, tender beef and cabbage.

The desserts were forgettable, unfortunately.

 Europe Bar And Restaurant
3030 Bathurst (just south of Lawrence)
North York, ON M6B 3B6
(647) 436-9739

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