Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Pop-up Resto Collaboration by Chefs Dan Burns and Jason Carter

Two friends, chefs presently on their own in Toronto, decided to collaborate on a brief series of dinners. Chef Jason Carter spent 10 years working with Susur Lee and most recently was the very reliable executive chef at Centro restaurant. Chef Dan Burns, with an extraordinary pedigree, began as a math and philosophy grad, switched into food prep and after brief early years working in west coast restos moved to Susur's in Toronto in it's early years, spent 3 years running the pastry department at Copenhagen's resto Noma, the San Pelligrino #1 rest in the world, then as senior chef de partie at The Fat Duck, in England, another top 5 resto in the San Pelligrino list of the best,  and most recently as the New York based Momofuku empire’s head of research and development. WOW!! Big expectations here.

The hallmark of this meal were the hand selected high quality ingredients prepared simply with elements that together produced mutually enhancing flavours.

Snacks/Apps: potato crisps with egg emulsion and burnt hay ash.

Crudite with green sauce. A beautifully appetizing presentation.

Warm lobster salad with cucumber vinaigrette, tarragon oil, pickled vegetables: daikon; endive; cucumber and blanched and roasted lobster with crumbs of toasted rye bread.

Lambs lettuce, wood and garden sorrel, yarrow, pickled onions, roasted maitake (hen of the woods mushroom), mushroom broth, artichoke, altogether, a delicious marriage of flavours.

Peas, fava beans, goat cheese sauce all with baby kid cooked sous vide then grilled. Perfectly cooked goat that was wonderfully tender.

rhubarb ice and rhubarb gel with beet and yogurt gelato, beet and liquorice syrup with a beet tuile. A very refreshing dessert but the tuille did not have a lot of taste.

Celery root mousse rolled in feuillite with Chocolate ganache, chocolate malt ice cream, chocolate crumble, apple puree and vinegar touched elderberry meringue, all with a thyme cookie. 

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