Thursday, July 19, 2012

Revisiting Cava Restaurant, Toronto

The unerring palate of chef Christopher Macdonald and creativity and cooking skills of executive chef Doug Penfold make for a wonderful eating experience at Spanish influenced Cava restaurant. 

Escabeche sardine with gundilla pepper, olive, oven candied tomato and raw garlic. Now your juices are flowing!

The burnt flavours of the crunchy, grilled toast and flavours of the veg grilled over a fire gives this bruschetta pure country flavours with toppings of edamame, grilled green onions, Morrocan olives and Sicilian tomatoes. It was so good that I had to have 2 of these!

Fresh anchovy, pickled daikon, shaved celery, grape tomato and rye crouton all drizzled with olive oil and with a bit of a bite. Can you just imagine the range of complementary flavours!

Roasted beet, marinated kale salad with Montfort Dairy Toscano cheese, olive oil, and currents that were dehydrated and reconstituted in caper juice. The earthy flavours of kale and cheese enhance this dish.

Crispy skinned, fried eggplant with fire grilled tomatillo puree, bonito flakes, queso fresco and honey. Another symphony of flavours.

The house paella with chicken thighs, squid, clams, chorizo, leeks and fresh peas, as good a rendition as one might enjoy at the very best Spanish restaurants that do this dish. The shellfish were perfectly cooked, pristinely fresh and redolent of the sea. 

Cava is a wonderful take on a trip to Spain experience. If you have been to Cava, it is so worth a return journey!

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