Tuesday, March 26, 2013

30th Anniversary Staff Reminisces

       Today we launch a new feature on our blog and it comes from our staff past and present. I can say in all honesty we have had the most interesting, engaging and fun staff over the last 30 years. Many have gone on to careers in law, publishing, teaching, film, medicine and of course the restaurant and culinary world.
          Sometimes I hire because of a person's personality even though they have no retail experience. Sometimes we take on students because they need a break from their studies once a week. Once we hired a delightful gal from New Zealand on condition she brought her Westie dog with her, a mascot for the store if you like, and our blood pressure went down! We've taken those on work visas from Ireland, Scotland, England, and enjoyed watching them explore Toronto.

          Most importantly we all have one common denominator, we like food, we like to eat, and we like to talk about it.

          To all the staff over the last 30 years thank you for you commitment, your sense of humour, all the edible treats, your lifting of heavy boxes; you make coming to work not seem like work at all.

          Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out reminisces from former staff that we have been able to track down, so keep checking in with us and see who is talking about their time working at The Cookbook Store and where they are now.

Alison Fryer
Cookbook Store employee #1 since March 1983

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