Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Playa Cabana Restaurant

Much has been written about Playa Cabana, which offers some of the best Mexican food in Toronto. Here is an overview of a recent experience. A most noteworthy item was the surprisingly good burger.

Very good guacamole with tasty/crispy house made corn tortilla chips.

Poblano/corn crab cakes made from fresh, never frozen dungeness crab. The fresh taste of the crab is predominant. A very enjoyable version of crab cakes with little filler.

Grilled octopus tacos with charred jalapeno salsa. We enjoyed this dish, the octopus was still tender and the charred/grilled flavours went well with the guacamole and sweet corn.

Braised lamb tacos accompanied by lamb "consomme".

Tiger prawns sauteed were well flavoured with garlic.

Ancho braised short rib/brisket crispy tacos wrapped in fresh, griddled corn tortillas, accompanied by guac and house made crema. This dish did not work for me and further, the flavours were rather muddled.

Chipotle Wagyu Burger. A very good, half pound of Grandview Farms organic, grass-fed, 100% Wagyu beef accompanied by house made crema and guacamole, with french fries. The fries, while tasty, were not crispy enough. 

Look at this burger! A particularly good, well flavoured burger, with good texture, properly cooked med rare, as requested, with the accompaniments.

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