Monday, April 8, 2013

Richmond Station Restaurant, Toronto

Richmond Station is a small restaurant helmed by Top Chef Canada winner, chef Carl Heinrich, who also had spent 4 years in New York at Daniel Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne. When I looked at the simple, very brief menu, I kinda wondered, what was I doing here?! But, here I was and decided to make the best of it.

The limited choice of dishes are very simple, and simply described, but the execution of these dishes was quite exemplary. If you are in this area, rather a food wasteland, for the most part, this is where to come. The brief selection of dishes hits many of the food choices most people would choose anyhow.

Good, house made bread, tasty with a crunchy crust, served with sesame oil and vinegar.

Very good, crispy, nicely flavoured, house made potato chips with house smoked salmon and mayo.

Wild boar ragu with house made orcchiette with a well reduced, intensely flavoured, basil tomato sauce, with celery that still had some texture and added  very complementary flavour for the sauce, all topped with Toscano cheese shavings.

A Very tasty short rib stuffed burger, topped with beet chutney. The burger was juicy, perfectly cooked, medium rare and slapped between a very good bun that held it's own without falling apart, remaining very soft. Crispy, flavourful rosemary fries were the accompanyment.

Quite juicy and yummy.

Chef's take on apple pie, a deconstructed pie with very good, crunchy pie "crusts", very tender, cooked apple chunks with goats milk carmel sauce redolent of cinnamon.

Another deconstructed dish of tasty, moist carrot cake, with candied walnuts and cream cheese ice cream.

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