Friday, May 31, 2013

Acadia Restaurant

Chef Patrick Kriss (formerly chef de cuisine at Splendido) is the chef who replaced the capable chef, Matt Blondin. Chef Kriss prepares a very modern and personal take on Acadian inspired cuisine.

Light, crispy leaves of slow-baked chicken skin, dusted with dehydrated hot sauce, over blue-cheese froth. A tasty "snack".

Anson Mills grits with perfectly cooked gulf prawns, oyster mushrooms, pimento cheese and a slightly smokey flavoured ham hock consomme.

Crispy pork belly with red kimchi. This was a dish addictive to all.

Corn bread accompanied by mesquite smoky, whipped pork butter.

Charred, very tender octopus, with smoked pork loin, romaine lettuce, korean hot sauce, black garlic and shishito vinaigrette. A very good dish of complementary flavours and textures.

Roasted potato side dish with short rib and napa cabbage.

The above 2 photos are of a course presented in 2 dishes: perfectly poached chicken breast, roasted thigh, sliced, fried button mushrooms and fried liver accompanied by a small bowl with a barely poached hen's egg, hazelnuts, mushrooms and snails. Another hit of complementary flavours and textures with perfectly cooked ingredients.

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