Monday, August 5, 2013

Live Organic Food Bar, A Destination For Vegetarians and Lovers of Just Good Food

Live, is one of my favourite vegetarian destinations. I also love some of their pre-made salads which I pick up at Noah's.

"Sushi": raw sunflower seeds,cilantro pate, carrots and cucumber rolled in nori (sea weed) with maple miso glaze, pickled ginger, spicy mayo and ginger chips. 

Detox salad with kale, kelp noodles, assorted seaweeds, avocado, parsley, lemon and hemp tamari dressing. Extremely tasty and satisfying. 

The rejuvenation bowl: Steamed greens (kale, etc), burdock, chickpeas, house made kimchi, kelp noodles, tempeh, almond seed with creamy tahini sauce and almond seed bread. A wonderful dish.

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