Friday, August 9, 2013

O'Mei, Chinese Food Restaurant, Richmond Hill, Ontario

This is the place to come for lobster 4 ways. I preordered this dish when I reserved. The 8 pound lobster was presented to us and then taken to the kitchen to be prepared. All the while, others guests of the restaurant had giant lobsters up to 10 pounds being taking from the kitchen and presented around the restaurant.

While we were waiting we enjoyed live B.C. shrimp that had been steamed and served with a soy scallion sauce. Separating the head from the body, we bit and chewed the head, sucking out the sweet briny juices. Then, after peeling the scales off the body, we dipped it in the soy scallion sauce. It was incredibly sweet, succulent and perfectly cooked.

Lobster the first way, the claws and arms, perfectly steamed presented in a scallion sauce with rice vermicelli that had soaked up all of the juices. 

The second way, the perfectly cooked head, tail and body all sauteed in a scallion ginger sauce,

The 3rd way, legs and parts of the torso lightly battered and deep fried in a mildly spicy sauce.

The fourth way, no photo, perfectly cooked rice infused with lobster broth and bits of the lobster.

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