Monday, September 30, 2013

The Grove, Toronto

The Grove

Smoked mackerel on rye toast with aioli; devilled eggs topped with paper thin radish and crispy blood sausage. Delightful treats to start.

Pea, lobster, violet, rhubarb, and sorrel in the bowl awaiting the pea broth.

A wonderful pea soup. Finding the tart pieces of rhubarb were delightfully pleasing discoveries that contrasted well with the pea flavour. 

Zucchini, basil, melon, yogurt salad, with zucchini flowers. A beautiful presentation of a symphonic range of pleasing flavours and textures.  

Octopus with chorizo, fava beans and fava bean puree, with octopus powder. 

Mussels, bacon and raw sea urchin tagliatelle, with shaved egg yolk. This was a wonderfully rich dish with flavours redolent of the sea. The tragedy was that is was too salty.

"Chips", fried potatoes with a vinegar aioli. Addictive! 

Rare beef (hanger steak) with red relish, samphire, fermented garlic, marrow vinaigrette and ramp puree. 

Strawberry, avocado, fennel and lemon cake pieces. 

Petit four with chocolate ganache on peanut butter nougat. Yum!

Overall, I consider this resto to be a hidden gem on the Toronto resto scene.

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