Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Das Gasthaus

Smoked herring accompanied by potato salad of the day, with sweet potatoes, fingerling potatoes, whole roasted garlic, whole cashews, kale dressed with a lemon dill vinaigrette, and house made pickled veg. Delicious potato salad and very good pickled veg, but the herring did not taste or smell of the smoke, was a touch over brined and overcooked.

Pickled mixed beets salad. They do the pickling thing very well here.

Selection of Mennonite terrines of pork and forest mushroom (on the right) and quail and pear (on the left), served with brown bread crisps, sliced radish, grainy mustard and cream cheese (on the left). Cream cheese did not make sense with this dish, to me. 

Duck and cranberry sausage and wild boar and mushroom sausage, accompanied by the potato salad of the day and house made pickled veg (can't get enough of those). 

Veal schnitzel with gypsy sauce (made with sweet orange and red pepper puree, garlic, spicy paprika and cloves), braised red cabbage with green apple, flavoured with caraway seeds and cloves and spaetzle flavoured with smoked ham hock. Tthe schnitzel was a bit tough, the coating needs to be lighter and not quite as greasy. Very good spaetzle and braised cabbage.

The daily selection of house made sausage: beer sausage, bratwurst and "sweet and smokey", accompanied by house made pickled veg, potato salad and rosti potato. The rosti, fried as a pancake, was too oily and too dense. The rosti needs rethinking.

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