Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Chase Fish and Oyster, Toronto

The Chase has been very busy since it was first opened. If you are driving, please be aware that parking is very difficult hence I suggest the valet service, which during present street and local building construction, is located at the corner of Temperance and Bay streets on the east side of the intersection.

A really good "autumn chowder", so enjoyable because each element was perfectly cooked: clams, mussels, smoked sturgeon, beets, butternut squash and all this was topped with whipped mascarpone cream.

Very good oyster po'boys with crispy oysters in the sandwich.

Delicious stuffed clams, so good I had the resto prepare an extra order to take home to have with eggs. Clam muscle is chopped and mixed with brioche crumbs and chopped braised lamb neck (I have never enjoyed this combination of lamb and clam before) and all topped with tomato jam. The clams sat on a bed of steamed spinach.

Octopus with harissa, salsa verde, pequillo peppers, spiced pork sausage, olives and arugula, another enjoyable dish.

Crab meat on toast topped with bacon, tomato and dill aioli. Ok, but not as big of a hit as the other dishes.

Very good fried chicken (which was not chicken, really cornish hen!!), the skin perfectly crispy (and not oily) and the meat juicy and not over cooked, served with parmesan slaw, potato bun and hot sauce with butter (not too hot). I consider myself a pretty good judge of fried chicken by virtue of traveling all over and hitting any "good" rated fried chicken spots (such as the 2 that I recently mentioned on the Seattle blog).

An excellent granny smith apple pie with a pecan, pumpkin seed and oatmeal crust. I was full and only intending to just taste this dish and wound up eating the whole thing!

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