Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two Wild Game Dinners Cooked By a Prominent Canadian Chef

Wild game is available at any restaurant in Europe or Asia. Wild game is now legal to be served in the restaurants of the province of Quebec. It is time that Ontario modifies it's outmoded game laws for restaurants. Game can add such a delicious dimension of flavours to any menu. I present these 2 game dinners below, to show the range of flavour possibilities prepared by the same chef.

Wild Game Dinner #1

Snacks (no photos): Oak-fired, breast of wild woodcock with oak-fired stuffed woodcock leg. 

Wild perch with paddlefish caviar and a tartar sauce emulsion.

Wild pickerel, shaved Alba truffles with with truffled chervil nage (ate into this one before the picture!).

Wild mallard duck breast, cooked rare, with slices of black Perigourd truffles, game gelee, shaved duck egg yolk and some frisee. DRC Grands Echezeaux was served with this course.

Wild Griffith Island pheasant breast with seared foie gras and a raisin foie gras sauce.

Wild teal breast with parsnip puree, huitlacoche (the "truffle" of Mexico, made of corn fungus) and truffle sauce.

Game gelee and Perigourd black truffles.

Truffle-glazed wild venison sausage with matsutake mushrooms.

Ravioli di selvaggina with an intensely flavoured game broth.

Wild venison chop with pork n'beans, yellowfoot mushrooms, brussel sprout leaves and quince puree. Dominus, a revered California wine was served with this course.

Sevogle farms rhubarb and custard.

Buckthorn sorbet with myer lemon curd and wild blueberries.

Game lovers, known to the Toronto foodie community, tasting and eating at this fabulous food and wine event.

Dinner #2

Snacks (no photos): Amhurst Island potted wild white deer, foie gras and spruce tips; Saskatchewan wild Hungarian partridge and shaved Alba truffle; wild venison striploin carpaccio, gelee, topped with paddlefish caviar.

Griffith Island, very intensely flavoured game consomme with game tortellini, celeriac and shaved black truffle.

The amantillado sherry served with the consomme. A brilliant match.

1986 La Turque, by Marcel Guigal, served with the next course.

Wild mallard and wild mushroom salad with blueberries and duck jus.

Wild Saskatchewan Sandhill crane breast with maple bacon, butterball potatoes, cabbage, carrots and pearl onions.

The wine for the dessert, 1989 Inniskillin icewine, a great year.

Poached quince and wild bresaola with blue cheese, walnuts, vanilla ice cream and shaved black truffles.

Look at the possibilities we are missing in our restaurant meals.

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