Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ben and Izzie's Deli, Toronto

 Good cole slaw.

Did not like the potato latkes. The texture was a bit too mushy and not enough flavour. 

Coney Island knocker, a natural casing hot dog with a very pleasing smokey flavour, topped with sour kraut.

Twenty four hours, slow smoked Jack Daniel's pulled beef, simmered in Jack Daniels bbq sauce, on a sour dough bun and topped with creamy granny smith apple slaw and I put cole slaw on top too. I am afraid, as a certified Jack Daniel's and KCBS bbq judge, this one, will not make the championship. It is ok though, but the sauce a bit too sweet.

This is what I came for and it was well worth it: in house spiced, cured and smoked pastrami, very good flavours, medium fat and juicy, loved it.

The in house cured corned beef was delicious too, but my fave was the pastrami.

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