Sunday, January 31, 2016

Alo Restaurant Revisited

Alo Restaurant Revisited

Alo is one of the best dining experiences in Canada, and continues to be, in my opinion. For me this justifies a second post.

Madai, plum, rice and coriander. Expect fresh fish perfection at Alo!

King salmon, perfectly cooked with chanterelles, new potato and sorrel.

Burgundy snails, parsley puree, black garlic, bread crumbs, charred pearl onions. Chef Kriss excels in his compositions of flavours and textures.

Quebec foie gras, cockscomb, turnip and buckwheat. This is a perfect dish for me. The creamy texture of the foie gras and the sublime texture and mouth feel of the cockscombs are something I would dream about when I think of fave dishes.

Muscovy duck, perfectly rare, with sunchoke, gooseberry and swiss chard.

Dark chocolate cremeux. Pear puree, pear gelee and tonka bean.

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