Sunday, February 28, 2016

Chabrol, Toronto

Chabral is a remarkably tiny (only 19 seats), comfortable and charming resto with very good food by Cava chef/owner Doug Penfold.

A wonderfully fresh tartine of cured trout with chervil, accompanied by a truly good composed salad of radishes, julienned veg and herbed vinaigrette.

Tartine of rabbit with braised endive, accompanied by the same composed salad.

The presentation of the papillote of whitefish.

Opening the parchment bag.

Papillote of whitefish with sea asparagus, leeks, swiss chard and vermouth beurre blanc. Truly complementary flavours and the fish perfectly cooked.

Another terrific dish, ragut of wild mushrooms with braised artichokes.

"Ttoro", chef's version of bouillabaise, with shrimps, mussels, and whatever fish he chooses that day. The stock had a rich complex flavour.

The was called a "salad", a delicious composition of creamy puy lentils, smoked parsnip puree, beets and grenache vinaigrette.

Gratin of escarole, celeriac and savoury all topped with bread crumbs was my fave. 

Gratin of potato, cantal cheese and thyme. Ok, but a bit too cheesy for my taste.

Apple tart with a la minute made calvados sabayon. They should have stopped here.

They layered on the sabayon, in my opinion, excessively, overwhelming the flavours of the apple and the wonderful buttery crisp pastry. Still, a great dish.

Petit four, the perfect finish to a wonderful evening.

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