Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cafe Boulud, Brazilian Court, Palm Beach, Florida.

Chef Daniel Boulud has a deservedly great reputation, but, not all of his restaurants are equally good as his very best or represent his deservedly vaunted reputation equally well.

Terrific arancini.

A delicious mushroom veloute with black barley and creme fresh (which I opted not to have). 

Dover sole meunier was frankly a bit disappointing. It was a touch mealy. It was served with a nicely textured three grain pilaff. In Palm Beach, the "dover sole gold standard" is the dover sole at Bistro Chez Jean Pierre. In fact any resto anywhere would have a tough time besting that standard.

Good french fries (but not great). They were not crispy enough.

Warm, upside down guanaja chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Very good. 

Beignets hot from the oven. My eating partner loved them and asked for extras to take home for tomorrow morning's breakfast.

Petit Fours.

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