Sunday, March 20, 2016

Shoto Restaurant at Momofuku

What is remarkable about Shoto restaurant, is the harmonious and exceptionally apt combinations of ingredients in each dish, and if cooking is required, the degree of doneness is perfect. Shoto should be on the best of the best lists of the Toronto GTA. It is easily one of the top 4 restaurant experiences in Toronto and one of the best in Canada.

I enjoyed this meal quite some time ago, and although it is not a current experience, based on my visits to Shoto, it is representative.

When you are seated, you are seated at a counter looking directly into the kitchen. When you are served, the chef who prepares you dish serves you. There are no waiters for food service.

Oyster with mignonnette sauce.

Spot prawn with tamarind, pig's ear and cabbage.

Scallop with celery, water chestnut and poppy seeds.

Lamb  with sesame and wasabi.

Dungeness crab with grilled asparagus, kimchi and yuba.

Looking into the kitchen.

Alkaline noodles with clam, octopus and kombu.

Fried duck egg with radish, crushed rice and herbs.

Skate with peas, ramps and spring allium.

Chicken with seaweed, nori and cucumber.

Beef short rib, fabulously tender, juicy with very good taste, with beech mushrooms, fava beans and fiddleheads,

Looking into the kitchen.

Duck foie gras with morel, duck tongue and rhubarb.

Coconut ginger ice cream with black tea, honey and bee pollen.

Hootenanny with maple and orange ice cream.

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