Monday, June 6, 2016

Indian Street Food Company, Toronto

Complements of the house: 

Terrific hot and sweet fried cauliflower topped with sesame seeds.

Almond crusted aloo tikki: almond crusted potato cake stuffed with minced chicken, with chick peas, sweetened organic yogurt, crunchy garlic noodles and topped with tamarind chutney sorbet. The flavours and textures of this dish were very pleasing.

Very good, crispy eggplant fries with mustard and yogurt dip.

Lobster corn samosa chaat sitting in a coconut-chili-lime soup. quite delicious.

Very tasty, slightly smoky, chili garlic naan. 

Butter chicken plate (Delhi version) topped with toasted melon seeds. 

Tamil kothu roti with chopped Malabar parantha, raw cabbage, chopped chilis, moongreen sprouts, onion, cilantro, and lemon juice.

Soy bean tikka, cooked over the charcoal grill.

A very good gulab jamun cheese cake topped with a mango puree. Quite refreshing and a novel flavour experience for cheesecake

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