Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Italian Food as it Should Be: Enoteca Ascari

Enoteca Ascari is a rare Italian resto in North America where the the chef possesses a valid approach to the preparation of wonderful, essentially rustic Italian food from a sophisticated, contemporary perspective. This resto has been under the radar to some degree, despite being busy all of the time. So, to my good friends who share my interests, Enoteca Ascari is worth a visit.

Warm, mixed, plump olives marinated with herbs and citrus are simple, perfect and very satisfying.

Arancini cacio e pepe, rice balls with pecorino cheese and pepper with cheese sauce.

Crostini with ricotta, rapini, pickled ramps and topped with lardo, all on olive oil fried bread.

Crostini al tonno, olive oil poached albacore tuna loin, smashed white beans, pickled red onion, chopped chives all on olive oil fried bread.

Insalata Americana, seared romaine lettuce heart, oven dried tomato, julienned radish, sun flower seeds, fried shallots, with a creamy oregano dressing.

Pasta is made in house and was rendered and cooked so perfectly, being both slightly al dente but also with a springy texture. For me, this is the perfect pasta!

Spaghetti a la chitarra with basil, tomato sauce and pecorino di Sardegna.

Spaghetti with julienned basil and fresh morels. 

Ravioli d'inverno, sunchoke and black truffle filled ravioli with swiss chard, brown butter and chestnut spuma. 

Crispy, thin shelled cannoli filled with peanut butter ricotta and chocolate ganache, with dehydrated banana. 

Steamed lemon pudding, whipped cream and vanilla syrup.

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