Friday, December 23, 2016

More (2) Vancouver Restaurants: Sea Harbour Restaurant; Le Faux Bourgois; Chicha.

Sea Harbour

Despite being a bit out of the way, this is a worthwhile Chinese resto to visit for terrific dim sum.

Stewed beef belly in mandarin sauce.

Stewed pork hock in soy sauce.

Pork spare ribs in black vinegar.

Hand tossed spicy black fungus.

Steamed fresh scallops and shrimps, topped with flying fish roe.

Pan fried eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste, with black bean sauce.

Chive and shrimp dumpling.

Steamed assorted mushroom dumplings.

Shrimp dumplings.

The selection on the plate.

Steamed cilantro with bbq pork noodle roll.

 Braised ox stomach (tripe) and beef tendon topped with chopped scallions.

Steamed pork stomach on pork patty.

Le Faux Bourgois

Pacific cod, mushrooms, savoy cabbage, clams, white clam juice and cod croquettes. Everything about this dish worked. The croquettes were perfectly cooked with a crispy exterior and soft tasty interior. The fish was perfect;y cooked as well. 

Very good crispy and tasty french fries. 

Beef tenderloin, potatoes gratin and glazed veggies with a peppercorn sauce. Everything was perfectly done and the flavours harmonious. 

Garlic spinach. 

A very credible cassoulet made with white beans, pork, duck and toulouse sausage. The beans had the correct texture.

Homer Street Cafe

Homer Street Cafe, as you will see, is a very good place for very simple, well prepared comfort food.

Brussel  sprouts roasted "bagna cauda".

Roasted "pee wee" potatoes with sea salt, chicken dippings and sage. Delicious! 

Charred broccoli, shallot, black beans and chili garlic. 

Incredibly good maple butter pork belly. Gone in moments!

Perfectly cooked, crispy skin steelhead trout, on leeks, farro, capers.

Roasted potatoes and cole slaw accompanied the chicken below.

Rotisserie chicken accompanied by a small pitcher of the chicken jus and the roasted potatoes (above). 

Chocolate pudding, maldon sea salt, coco nibs and honey comb. 

Spiced pumpkin brulee and carrot cake, both very good.

The chef here knows what he is doing.


Chicha is very enjoyable, sophisticated take on Peruvian cuisine.

Very good kennebec french fries dusted with rocoto chili accompanied by Peruvian tartar sauce.

Palitas De Yuca- cassava root with Huacaina sauce (made with aji Amarillo chilli, milk and bread).

Beet root whipped potatoes, lima bean puree, huacatay and pickled beets and rocoto chili yam chips.

Nikkei- wild sockeye salmon, avocado, pea shoots, rocoto chili-ginger-passion fruit vinaigrette, lotus chips and nori.

Braised venison empanadas with a spicy red pepper jam.

Quinoa salad: quinoa cooked in turmeric and cumin, tossed with mango, avocado, roasted red pepper and red onion, cilantro and jalapeƱo. Mixed with a huacatay( black mint from Peru) dressing and topped with an egg yolk.

Lomo SaltadoPemberton Meadows medium rare bavette steak, kennebec fries, red onion, bell peppers, tomatoes stir fried with a rich veal demi.

Chicha dumplings filled with scallop, prawn, pork, green veggies accompanied by a mesquite Peruvian corn sauce.

Tacu tacu de locro de zapalo, crispy lima bean cake with butternut squash stew, corn on the cob, parmesan, huacatay and quail egg.

Costillas De Cerdo: aji panca( chili from Peru) and orange glazed, organic baby back ribs with a potato salad made with green beans and Two Rivers double smoked bacon.

Chupe de mariscos: Peruvian style seafood bouillabaise with fresh local seasonal seafood, corn on the cob, fingerling potatoes, peas, a poached egg, spicy rocoto chili tomato broth and accompanied by huacatay crostini.

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