Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Konjiki Ramen

Atsushi Yamamoto, head chef and founder, established himself as a highly regarded ramen shop in Japan. His Tokyo shop has been recognized by the Guide Michelin Bibb Gourmand and voted the #1 ramen shop in all Japan in 2016 in Tokyo Walker Magazine. This Toronto branch is the first branch resto he has opened outside of Tokyo.

The "signature" clam broth ramen. The soup base for this dish is made from cherrystone clams, kombu, pork and chicken and shellfish cooked for hours. The intense clam and shoyu broth is very pleasing. The noodles, made from Japanese and local flour, are made with filtered water. They have a perfect springy/chewy texture. 

Tonkatsu ramen, a pork bone based soup with roasted garlic oil, house smoked cherry tomatoes and pork sous vide cooked for hours, spring onion and leeks. The broth is intensely favoured and even more pleasing and addictively rich than the clam broth. The "memma" topping is bamboo shoots braised in red wine, soy sauce and special seasoning. 

A vegetarian ramen is also available.

This is a very good ramen resto, but, there are at least 1 or 2 ramen restos that I would consider at a similar quiality level from taste/experience perspective.

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